About Souq7

Souq7, a Retail Revolution in Vibrant Jeddah!

The area of Souq7 was previously a combination of a variety of  successful retail shops and services, it was a destination for Jeddah  residents and its suburbs. The new Souq 7 will build on the success  of its long history and evolve to serve its visitors in a unique and an  unconventional atmosphere.

With a footprint of 728,000 sqm, Souq 7 answers the retail needs of  Jeddah’s growing population in the region by delivering  an enjoyable, accessible and safe shopping and dining destination,  which combines modern lifestyle with contemporary traditional design.

Souq 7’s vision is to celebrate the best of Saudi bazaars and souqs,  merging the heritage, culture and traditions of these historic locations  with a contemporary infrastructure that provides modern amenities to  both tenants and shoppers alike.

Targeted year-long marketing campaigns, events and activities will  promote Souq 7 as the leading value shopping and entertainment  destination in the region.

Azad is a property management company  within AWJ Real Estate Group. It manages  AWJ  properties in Saudi Arabia.

Azad focuses on the strategic thrusts:
  1. Customer Centricity,
  2. Tenant Engagement,
  3. Ease of Doing Business and
  4. Asset  Redevelopment to create a high energy,  transparent and results oriented culture  which champions collaboration and joint  initiatives in building efficient and thriving  business ecosystems throughout the  portfolio.

Azad Properties

Leader in Property Management


Azad Real Estate team members are  experienced professionals who apply global  best practices and the highest industry  standards in leasing to create successful  tenant mixes in its diversified properties.  Also, the team focuses on enhancing  the tenant experience to enable them to  succeed. We ensure assets are strategically  positioned and operating at the highest  efficiency.


Direct  management  oversight  of assigned commercial and residential properties, focused on delivering outstanding customer service by tackling day to day operational  issues on behalf of both internal and external  stakeholders  to  maximize  asset values.


The support engine, which ensures that  the management of facility services and  processes are in line with world-class quality  and effective in meeting the expectations  of  our stakeholders.


We promote our properties to create  excitement and engagement with shoppers  and visitors through creative marketing  campaigns and initiatives which use the latest  and most advanced mediums to engage  with the target market to ensure high reach is  accomplished to maximize traffic resulting in  boosting  tenants  sales  and  satisfaction.

Souq7 The Future of Shopping and Entertainment in Jeddah