Catchment Opportunity


Largest Lifestyle Complex in Kingdom  of Saudi Arabia
With the evolution of entertainment  and shopping in the region, Saudi’s are becoming sophisticated and demanding,  so combining shopping outlets with  unique entertainment avenues in a  creative convenient setup will result in a  major attraction for visitors.

Population Density
Souq 7 is strategically located in the  highly populated Al Jamea district,  620,000 residents are within a 10 minute  drive. In addition to the established  clientele base from Makkah Region and  tourist visitors.

Commercial Legacy
The area of Souq7 was known as  “Prince Mutaib Markets”, it was a  combination of a variety of successful  retail shops and services. It was the  address for value bargain seekers  attracting both local & expat shoppers  in Jeddah & the surrounding suburbs, featured by a well-known auction market  and bazaar.


Souq 7 can be reached from different  parts of Makkah Region by a variety of  major highways and roads.

Souq 7 will have a world class  infrastructure that will support the  complex to ensure all operations are  efficient so tenants can deliver their  propositions to visitors.

Zoned Theming
Each zone in Souq 7 will have its special  unified unique design, so the project will have 7 ready building prototypes  where visitors will enjoy shopping and  entertainment.
Year-Round Activities
Supporting events and marketing  campaigns will support Souq 7 to ensure  continuous flow of visitors. The Central  Park in the family area will showcase a  variety of events for all the family.

Location and Site Plan

Souq 7 is strategically located in the highly populated Al Jamea district of southern Jeddah,  benefiting from direct links to Haramain Road (one of Jeddah’s main vehicular arteries) and  Abdullah  Alsulaiman  St., where  both provide  easy  access  to Souq 7.

In addition to the benefits of its location, Souq 7 is also conveniently located near King Abdulaziz  University and will therefore become a hub for its staff and students.

Over half a million people live within a 10 minute drive from Souq7